Press Release March 14, 2019

Greene County 31st Circuit Court Receives O’Toole Award

31st Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge Michael Cordonnier is pleased to announce that Greene County Circuit Court has achieved the Daniel O’Toole Award for fiscal year 2018.

This award, which is named after the presiding judge who served St. Louis County until his death in 1998, is designed to recognize the success of circuits achieving specific processing time standards. The Supreme Court established the award and named it in honor of the late judge’s service as the first chair of the time standards monitoring committee.

This is the first time the court has achieved the Daniel O’Toole Award and was one of 12 of the 46 state circuits to receive the honor. The award is a result of the teamwork between the circuit court prosecuting attorney, public defender, attorneys, circuit clerk’s office, law enforcement, probation and parole, and our justice partners.

“As one …

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