City Administrator is responsible for oversight of the daily operations for the City and serves as liaison between the staff and the Board of Aldermen. City Administrator Frank Schoneboom.

As City Clerk she is responsible for records management, business license processing, custodian of TIF and CID, website administrator, manage park board reservations, elections, meeting administration, custody of the official seal and serves as office manager. Mrs. West filled in as Interim City Administrator from June 2016 to September 2016 during the search to find a new City Administrator after former City Administrator Rick Hess left in June of 2016.

Marilyn was hired in February of 2006. Her duties as Administrative Assistant in the Police Department include receptionist, maintaining daily logs and monthly reports providing support to the Chief of Police. Duties as Court Clerk include maintaining docket sheets, defendant files, deposits, reports, warrants and managing files for Municipal Judge for twice monthly court dates.


.  Duties include reviewing plans and providing inspections for subdivisions and buildings, permits for sewer and buildings, and assistance to the Public Works Department as needed.
Ken is responsible for maintenance of our city streets, parks, right-of-ways and city owned buildings. He is the contact person for utility locates and is assistant to the building inspector, Sewer Maintenance and Emergency Management Departments.

Paul began his part time work with the City in May of 2004 and works closely with Ken Carter in Public Works area. He also works for the Springfield Public Schools maintenance department.

Deanna Bowers Utility Billing Clerk assists with sewer payments and all other payments that are received by the City including but not limited to Business Licenses, Building Permits, and Sewer Deposits just to mention a few.

.  Warne helps the City maintain it’s two parks on a part-time basis.