How do I find City Hall/Cherokee Trail of Tears Park? See Map listed below.
City of Battlefield Street Map 2015

Can I obtain copies of minutes or other public records?

Yes. A records request form can be submitted at City Hall. There are minimal fees charged, depending on the number of pages requested and the time required by staff to produce the documents.

How do I access the online City Ordinances?

To access the City Ordinances online, please see Municipal Ordinances under City Departments.

Are remodeling projects required to apply for a building permit?

Any project which alters the structure or adds to the structure of your property could require a permit. Building permit applications can be found in the Forms section. Fees may apply and are based on the project involved.

What animals must be registered with the City?

At this time, only dogs are to be registered, in order to keep a list for the City. This assists the City to help locate your animal, if lost. Owners are responsible for the actions of all their pets.

How do I apply for a business license?

Licenses are required for any business operating in the City. Completed applications and an annual fee of $16 should be filed at City Hall. After July 1st the fee is $8.00, call City Hall if you have questions.