Mission Statement

The Mission of the City of Battlefield is to serve its customers by providing innovative, courteous and responsive service; promoting economic opportunity; enhancing the quality of life for its citizens; and building a better City for future generations.

Please contact the Mayor or Board members through e-mail by just clicking on the respective person you want to contact, or you may contact City Hall at 417.883.5840 to have a message sent to them.

Debra-HickeyDebra and her family moved to Battlefield in October 1985. She joined the Board of Aldermen in December 2005 to fill a vacancy and was elected to serve in April 2006 and 2008. Debra holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Drury University and is a graduate of the Drury Law Enforcement Academy. She is employed by Springfield Public Schools as a School Police Officer. Debra enjoys traveling, reading, writing, music and spending time with her four grown children, their spouses, and her nine grandchildren.


Stephen EsterlineMr. Esterline is 53 and he moved into Battlefield on October 25th1985. Mr. Esterline has lived there ever since. He is married for 32 years, and has 2 lovely daughters and one grand dog. Mr. Esterline attends the Republic Church of Christ. Mr. Esterline considers it an honor to serve the citizens of Battlefield. Mr. Esterline has many outdoor hobbies and activities. Mr. Esterline enjoys doing, especially cooking outdoors on any one of his 5 grills. “Nothing like a good walk on a beautiful day whether through the woods or just around your block.”


Marc CerceI feel very honored to serve as an aldermen for Ward II in the city of Battlefield. I’ve been happily married for thirteen years, and have been a foster and adoptive parent for over three years. I’m an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and also served as a youth minister in the City of Battlefield from 1998-2002 and from 2005-2011. The City of Battlefield has been our home now since April of 2009. It was a pleasure to serve on the Advisory Park Board from 2010-2013, and it has been especially enjoyable to meet so many of you over the last few years at our annual park events. My goals are to encourage economic development, while continuing to preserve and improve our existing infrastructure so as to accommodate the rapidly increasing growth of our population. I also strongly support low taxes and appropriate spending levels. Finally, and most importantly, I feel that it is absolutely critical that we retain a safe and family friendly community. This is a great place to live and raise a family.


Jennifer Rippe Ward II AldermanMrs. Rippe was elected to serve as Ward II Alderman; has lived in Battlefield since 2010, is married to Sean Rippe and has two step sons. Mrs. Rippe served in the United States Army, loved the Army and serving her country. Unfortunately Mrs. Rippe was injured and was discharged just a couple of years later. Mrs. Rippe returned home to serve others in the medical field. In 2009, she graduated as a Registered Nurse (RN), and has been the Assistant Director of Nursing at The Maples Health and Rehab the past 3 years, managing a nursing staff of nearly 100. Last year she had the privilege to be appointed to a seat on The Advisory Park Board and enjoyed working with everyone on the Board. Mrs. Rippe is honored to be serving as one of your Ward II Aldermen.